• Black Friday Special 60 min massage $55
    1 hour relaxation massage
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    • 60 Minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage Sessions - 4 Pack $280
      Swedish Massage is the perfect stress reliever for busy shoppers, workaholics  new moms and just about anyone. Deep tissue employs a different set of techniques from other massage modalities generally focusing on a specific area of pain or injury. Sports Massage addresses flexibility, event preparation, strained muscles and more.
    • Relaxation Massage 60 Minute $80
       Swedish Massage is the perfect thing to ease away the stress and leave you feeling relaxed and energized. A Swedish Massage will enhance natural immunity and vitality and boost overall physical and mental well-being for countless individuals all over the world.
  • 4 Pack - 90 min massages $360
    Package is for 4 massages. Regular $105 each session.