Mike T
Acupuncture? Review of Natasha El-Massih, LAc I will be upfront. My thoughts about acupuncture were very skeptical. How would sticking me with a bunch of needles help my aching hip? Then I met Natasha and my thoughts were altered. She asked lots of questions, explained the process, and began sticking. I have had quite a few sessions and I have noticed some relief. I am still not completely sold, but something happened to those pains. They got more tolerable for two or three days. I will have more sessions, mostly because Natasha has shown me that care, time, and patience does give some results. Perhaps the needles work, but it’s Natasha’s positive outlook and caring ways that keep me trying. She is a very special person.
A Relaxing Experience I’m a High School student and I carry around a heavy backpack daily to and from classes. The massages I’ve gotten at body sage have really helped with my shoulder and back pain and I would highly recommend their services!
Speciality Massage Justin is one of the most knowledgeable, skillful massage therapists I've encountered. I began seeing him post cervical vertebrae surgery. He has been vital to helping me retain my range of motion. He is great to work with and listens to your questions and concerns.
Lisa Fargo I've been getting therapeutic massage from Lisa almost once month for about a year. Every time I leave feeling energized and with considerably less muscle soreness. Lisa is very professional and caring about her clients, and does a great job of personalizing each massage to my specific needs that day. I always look forward to a massage appointment with Lisa.
Feeling better Always a great experience with Justin. Massage takes care of the aches and feel so much better afterwards. Everyone is professional, caring and helpful at Body Sage. Been going there for many years.
Kali Lefebvre
AMAZING MASSAGES I love going to Body Sage Therapies. I'm always met with a tranquil environment when I arrive and it is so peaceful and relaxing. I have been getting massages from Justin for about 3 years now and he is amazing at what he does and very knowledgeable when it comes to the body. I highly recommend Justin and Body Sage Therapies!
Ginette Z
" What A Wonderful Place " I just love everyone in this facility, I can get a massage, facial and acupuncture. They are always so friendly, warm and caring. I am so glad to have found Body Sage.
Extremely relaxing From the moment I walked in I was immediately relaxed. The massage itself had the perfect amount of pressure and hit all my sore spots. I would definitely return!
Richard A
Amazing Medical Massages Review of Lisa Fargo Started seeing Lisa as part of my surgery recovery process. She has a unique knowledge of the body that helps her be very effective in properly treating your underlying issues. I see her regularly to help treat ongoing muscle stiffness I have, as well as for regular maintenance and relaxation. I always look forward to my sessions knowing that she will take care of my body and help relieve my pain.
Ginette Z
" What A Wonderful Place " I just love everyone in this facility, I can get a massage, facial and acupuncture. They are always so friendly, warm and caring. I am so glad to have found Body Sage.
Kieara f
Lisa fargo Lisa does the most AMAZING MASSAGE . She is very knowledgeable and very professional. I would recommend her to anyone. I have many health issues and deal with chronic pain. With lisa's help i have cut down on my pain level significantly. Thank you for everything you have done for me . I appreciate you .
Kieara f
Lisa fargo I would recommend lisa to anyone. She is very knowledgeable and very passionate and professional. She has helped me out so much in many ways.she goes beyond her job because she cares so much about each individual client of hers.I have many health problems and because of that i deal with chronic pain. She has cut my pain level down significantly since i have been seeing her. Her massage is tailored to each individual. Thank you lisa.
Kaye Fackler
Massage Review of Lisa Fargo I highly recommend Lisa for any medical massage. My husband and I have both been with her for over six years. She has treated a frozen shoulder and neck injuries that were not responding to other modalities. I am assured whatever the issue, Lisa will figure it out and I will have not only relief but healing. She is so talented, knowledgeable and intuitive.
Kieara f
Lisa fargo Lisa does the most AMAZING MASSAGE . She is very knowledgeable and very professional. I would recommend her to anyone. I have many health issues and deal with chronic pain. With lisa's help i have cut down on my pain level significantly. Thank you for everything you have done for me . I appreciate you .
Elle Crowley
Acupuncture with Natasha I had an amazing acupuncture and cupping session from Natasha! She really took the time to talk to me and get down to root of my aches and pains. The room was nice with calming music and a heated table. Natasha is super knowledgeable about the human body and helped calm my anxiety and treat my lower back pains. I’ll definitely be back again!
A perfect day Review of Justin Canfield Nothing like a massage from Justin on a regular schedule to maintain flexibility and energize you. Experts who make every visit a great experience.
Always my pleasure and come out a new person. Review of Justin Canfield Hurt so good is so true. I love the side massage and I am always so amazed that I can move my simi frozen-joints after leaving. Thanks
susan Gallalgher
A retiree's experience Boy, was I pleased with my 1st massage, the next one was fabulous and the 3rd was exceptionally. I am looking forward with glee for my 4th wonderful, relaxing, therapeutic massage
An Excellent Experience! Review of Justin Canfield From scheduling to appointment, my experience with Body Sage Therapies was seamless and low-stress. Having a therapist able to bill my insurance provider was exactly what I needed. Justin Canfield's massage technique is spot-on and was tailored exactly to my therapeutic needs. I'd highly recommend Body Sage Therapies to anyone seeking massage therapy.
Ahhh! Lisa has the perfect touch, and is caring about your individual needs.
Nick B
Amazing Review of Justin Canfield Justin is the first masseuse I have been to that prefers to do a side-lying massage. And let me tell you, I am a fan. He is professional, knowledgeable and very good with his hands/elbows, etc. He also recommended I try his Thai Massage technique as well and that too was phenomenal and I am happy I tried it.
Complete Wellness! I’ve had Massage by Justin and Accupuncture with Natasha. Both exceeded my expectations! Justin has great technique and I always walk away feeling better. He truly cares about helping to reduce pain and pays special attention to areas that need extra work. I’m a runner and his Massage has saved me when my training gets intense. I highly recommend regular visits in order to keep everything moving as it should! Natasha is an absolute sweetheart. She takes a thorough examination to find imbalances and comes up with a treatment protocol that is obtainable and works! Her treatments are relaxing and effective. I suffer from night sweats and after my accupuncture treatment with Natasha, I slept so peacefully and no sweating!! It was amazing! Both of these therapists are fantastic! I feel so blessed to have found them both!
Highly recommended!! The office was great, nice atmosphere, clean and up to date equipment in therapy rooms and the people were great at the desk and for my massage.
Lisa has magic fingers And I'm very grateful!
Lisa is fantastic I've been seeing Lisa almost once a month for about 12 years. She is the best massage therapist I've every had. She knows just how to deal with all the issues my body has due to knee injury/replacement, whiplash, and a leg length difference - all which create a tangle of messed up muscles and ligaments. She is able to work out the knots and bring relief. I wouldn't be the same if I didn't see her regularly.
No reason to go anywhere else. Amazing staff, amazing practices. Lisa, Natasha, and Justin all helped me with my back injury through massage, Thai massage and acupuncture. Heidy made scheduling quick and simple. Lisa did a great job working my aches and tightness throughout my muscles and improved multiple areas. Natasha did my first acupuncture, cupping and Gua Sha on me which helped out with my injury and other issues I was having. Justin gave me my first Thai massage and it was a great experience leaving my body feeling refreshed. Everyone has a smile on their face and is in a great mood to see you. 10/10 would recommend.
Ruth Howland
Professional & Personal I have had Lisa as my massage therapist after an auto accident. She is extremely well educated and knows just how to work those muscles needing her expert efforts. One of the best massage therapists I've seen in 40 years of massage. Her office is quiet, welcoming and provides efficient scheduling as well as insurance billing which is difficult to find. I highly recommend her services and know she is very particular about any of the therapists working in this office.
Quality care and massage Review of Lisa Fargo I have been going to Lisa for over a year now and would highly recommend her massage services. She not only customizes the massage to your needs, but really knows her anatomy and the best method to treat your body aches. I always experience relief after seeing her, but I also just enjoy her humor and personality. She is also quick to reply to emails or phone calls. She has been reliable and I greatly appreciate the continuity and quality of service she has provided in the time I have known her.
Relaxing Massage Lisa's touch is gentle and effective.
The Hands Know! Review of Lisa Fargo Lisa is awesome. Always checks in on what’s going on with my body, then her hands do the magic from there. She is so good at finding and releasing the tight spots. Extremely nice touch!
well done very pleased with Lisa and the work she does.
Chelsea M.
AMAZING!! I bought a Groupon for a deep tissue massage and I have to say that this was the *best* experience I have ever had(And I've seen a good handful of massage therapists) I didn't have to lay there all quiet and awkward, and the massage felt amazing. I could feel the muscles relaxing and it was amazing. I will definitely be coming back!
AWESOME Review of K'Lynn Simpson I have fibromyalgia and have seen K'Lynn several times now. She is always asks how I am doing, how much pain I am having and how much pressure I can tolerate. She is very skillfull and makes me feel human again after each massage. Thank you for all that you do!
Amazing! Review of Lisa Fargo Working as a hygienist has posed challenges for my body....I started seeing Lisa for monthly massages and continued to see her for prenatal massages during my pregnancy. She is wonderful! I always feel rejuvenated after I have a massage with her. She's extremely knowledgeable and talented!
Awesome relaxing Swedish massage Review of K'Lynn Simpson I go for the relaxation and stress relief massage. K'Lynn does a terrific job. I've been to here four times now and like her style and technique as one of the best I've found. I would recommend you give her a try.
Blend of Therapy and Relaxation I've received massages from both Lisa and K'Lynn. Both of them have helped me to relieve headaches and pain from muscle strain problems, but I also felt pampered at the same time...that's a rare combination. In addition, they are friendly and willing to share their knowledgeable about anatomy and nutrition and whole body wellness, which I appreciate. Everyone needs a good masseuse, and I highly recommend The Body Sage.
Jan Banks
Best EVER Lisa is amazing. She is very knowledgable and really cares. Highly recommend her! I won't go anywhere else
Best massage to date As a dentist, I consider massage a vital part of my profession to keep me relaxed, pain free and competent. I have received a lot of massages over the past 4 years while in practice, and I would just like to shout from the mountain top how great Justin is!! He uses a slightly different side-laying technique that was amazing. I was skeptical at first but once he started, I was sold! Not only are you free from squishing your face into the head support, he is also able to access areas in deeper and more efficient ways. As I left the massage all I could think about was how soon I could get in to get another one!! Thank you Justin!
Care and comfort for the caretaker I can't say enough about K'Lynn. She takes wonderfull care of me. She is very professional, well educated, and has amazing hands. She has taught me a lot about aromatherapy that I can use every day. Having been an RN for 40 years, I have not only high standards, but many aches and pains. K'Lynn is MY lifesaver!
Deep Tissue Massage Review of K'Lynn Simpson K'Lynn is a great masseuse. She certainly knows her craft and comes highly recommended..
Definitely recommend! Review of K'Lynn Simpson K'Lynn provides an excellent massage, always very professional & asks me what I want to focus on each session. I prefer firm strong pressure to release tight muscles & she is skilled in relaxing knots & soreness. I love how calm, soothing & knowledgable she is about anatomy & aromatherapy. I definitely recommend Body Sage & will continue to avail myself of her expertise.
Excellent massage Tracy has massaged me before and I am never disappointed. She is so focused and great at what she does. She has a way of making you feel so comfortable and really focuses on the trouble areas. She definitely goes above and beyond I would say. I plan on visiting her the beginning of every month!
Alex B.
Freaking Amazing! Review of Justin Canfield Love Justin's sideline massages and won't go anywhere else anymore :)
great massage Gentle gliding hands massage the kinks out of the muscles. Lisa makes sure that she is working on the area of concern for that session. Wonderful to work with!
Jen Ramsey
Headache Gone! Justin's sideline massage technique was the the most comfortable and effective massage I've ever had! I have had neck/shoulder stiffness/soreness with a headache for several days and Justin relieved everything with one massage! I will be back!
Great massage Justin's side body massage technique is great. Thanks!
Incredible Justin is incredible! It was the first time I've had a side line massage, and don't want to go back to the "old fashioned" massage forms anymore. I had far less post-massage aches from this type of massage and am planning to go back to Justin monthly now! Thanks Justin!
Bridget Smith
Justin is the best Hands down. He has more energy and therapeutic touch than any other therapist I've known in many years. Amazing.
K'Lynn Review of K'Lynn Simpson K'Lynn is wonderful. She's kind, skillful and consistent. She listens to you and applies the right oils and touch to remedy your state. I've never had a bad experience and I've seen her steadily over the last year.
K'Lynn K'Lynn has healing hands. Whatever aches and pains I have melt away under her knowledgeable touch. The ambience of the room helps relax me. Massage is an integral part of my health and well being.
K'Lynn is great! I can't recall how many massages I've had by K'Lynn, but it is quite a few. She always checks in with me about what I want done that day and she knows the kind of pressure I like. It feels so good that I know I've actually fallen asleep before. I've gotten massages for my mom who's in her upper 80s and she thinks K'Lynn is great too. K'Lynn is always so nice to ask about my mom too. I would definitely recommend Body Sage Massage and K'Lynn!
Lisa F Lisa Fargo is the best massage therapist I have ever seen, and over the past 3 years I have found that treatment from her has been so much more beneficial than anything else my primary doctor has ever suggested for my back issues. I look forward to every appointment with her !
Lisa M.
Lisa Fargo Lisa is the best massage therapist I have ever had, she is very knowledgeable and so warm and caring. I won't go anywhere else!
Dave Perez
Lisa Fargo I love Lisa. She is genuinely gifted not just with her hands but also with her "Bedside Manner" She relaxes my body with those magic hands and my mind with amazing ability to make me forget my problems and be at peace.
Lisa M.
Lisa Fargo Lisa is absololutely the best massage therapist I have ever had. Her knowledge of orthopedic massage really makes her one of the best in her field.
Lisa F is awesome I have been seeing her for a couple of years now, and my body always feels drastically better after each visit.
Lisa is a magic worker Lisa makes my ouchie spots sigh and disappear. Thanks Lisa!
Lisa is Amazing After years of neck problems and a recent serious injury to my shoulder and neck, I came to body sage 2 years ago needing significant rehabilitative care. Lisa is the warmest person, so friendly and caring, but also incredibly knowledgable and skilled when it comes to identifying and treating what's going on with the body. She continues to help me greatly and I am so happy I found her.
Lisa is Fantastic Review of Lisa Fargo I've been seeing Lisa for massage for over 5 years. She is so good at identifying what I need work on. She has seen me through three knee surgeries and being hit by a car (as a pedestrian). I'm sure I would not have the same recovery without her. She is amazing!
Lisa is the best Review of Lisa Fargo If you need a medical massage, Lisa is very good and extremely knowledgeable.
New Review I consider a massage from anyone of the therapists here an integral part of healthy living. Each one of these therapists brings something different to the table. Justin's Thai massage is the PERFECT antedote to stiff muscles and Lisa keeps my chronic neck pain from disabling me and there is no one better than K'Lynn if you just need to unwind.
Professional, personable and knowledgable Lisa has an amazing ability to read exactly what my body needs. Her knowledge extends well beyond massage and I often contact her for alternative care info in general. She is wise, warm and caring. I will not go anywhere else.
Quality time for me I've incorporated massage into my busy life for many years, and was very glad to find Justin at Body Sage after moving to Oregon in 2011. He's been integral in helping me find balance, while keeping sore muscles and tightness at bay. The space is calm and soothing- and the location convenient. I highly recommend Justin at Body Sage.
Review of massage from Lisa Is there such a thing as an intelligent massage? That is what I received from Lisa. I have a complex set of muscle issues that Lisa tuned into very quickly. She seemed to read my body which resulted in a very effective and helpful massage. I will definitely return.
Side lying massage My appointment was with Justin. I had a side lying massage. It was awesome. Way more comfortable position than other massages I have had. It was extremely relaxing.
Laurel W
Thai massage Rocks! Review of Justin Canfield I am a fellow LMT, & just received my first Thai Massage from Justin Canfield. He made me feel at ease, as I learned to let go into Thai Massage. I REALLY enjoyed my session! Enough to re-book with Justin next week, & now want to become a Thai Massage Therapist myself! Thank you!
The Best Lisa is the best.. I have recommended her to all my co workers and they also love her..
The BEST ! I always feel much better after a massage from Lisa.
The best! Review of Tracy Lynn I had my first massage from Tracy and she was wonderful! Every kink and knot was released and my body never felt so good. Her knowledge and caring attitude made the massage superb. I can't wait to see her again!
The best!! Everyone I have met at this clinic has been so friendly and wonderful. They are so compassionate and make you feel comfortable as soon as you come in. I have had massages by K'Lynn and Lisa and both are amazing!! Half of my family already attends this place and they all love it. Would recommend for anyone willing to get their well being and health improved.
Katie K
The Best At What She Does Review of Lisa Fargo Lisa's medical massage knowledge and expertise is unmatched.
The best for me and my aches and pains! I highly recommend Justine's massages! I have had a few massages now around town, and even though I liked most of them just fine, I was able to get the most benefit and pleasure out of Justine's sideway massage. I am a Fitness Instructor and have strong muscles that can get tight and very painful at times; yet Justine massaged me with such professional knowledge and intuitive skill that I am sure to go back very soon, and gifted one to my family members.
Very good! Very good deep-tissue massage, and they honored my LivingSocial coupon even though it was old. I will be back!
Wonderful! Sometimes finding the right massage therapist is like dating, you have to really go through a lot of people until you find a good match, and I'm glad I finally found Lisa. She is very conscientious and helps me understand the mind/body connection. She explained my injury and how to heal better than my chriropractor. Her technique is great and she is very attuned to her clients.
Cindy F
Wonderful! Justin is amazing
Paul Nelson
Wonderful!!! She is the best. Review of Lisa Fargo Lisa knows how to tailor the medical massage therapy to fit my specific overall body aches caused by Parkinson's. I've experience several other massage therapists but none can compare to Lisa. She asks the right questions to discover my main concerns prior to each treatment. I leave relaxed, happy and more educated about the human body and activities which may help me personally. Thanks Lisa!!!